Offworld Marketing Cartoon Theatre!

We're having fun with Flash - enjoy!

02/11/2005 - Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - The Music Video (comical blasphemy)

11/04/2004 - Placebo! (brief language)

08/23/2004 - Cowboy Trouble (Parental discretion advised)

07/10/2004 - Rainbow Brite: Smut Peddler! (Parental discretion advised)

07/08/2004 - He-Man Breaks Down!

06/20/2004 - Rainbow Brite in Fun in the Sun!

06/12/2004 - He-Man Forgets His Wallet!

06/05/2004 - Rainbow Brite in Jogging Tall!

New animation copyright (C) 2004 by Dale B. Dobson. (Obviously, these shorts are not approved, licensed, or otherwise encouraged by the rightful owners of these characters where I've borrowed them. Ah, liberty! Ah, fair use doctrine!)

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